Photography Tours Romania. Reportage tours and workshops in the Maramures and Transylvania region of Romania.

Take pictures of a way of life not seen in the rest of Europe for over 70 years. Traditional Maramures is ‘undiscovered’ by tourism and the new ways of the world. People here still live the way their Grandparents did; in the same wooden houses, ploughing the same fields and collecting the hay by hand. If you have thought of coming on a photography tour in Romania, now is a great time to experience the old ways, before they disappear.

Duncan Ridgley was a professional magazine photographer in London for 15 years and now runs Reportage photography tours and work shops in Maramures and Transylvania. If you are interested in taking pictures like the ones you can see in the portfolio section, at the same time having fun whilst experiencing a different world – have a look that the tours and workshops we run and let us know when your free to visit Maramures.


Our photography tours are different from the ‘norm’. We only do small groups, two or three people who are friends. I do not run tours with people who do not know each other. You can still come and experience maramures on your own and do the tours as a single person, or join one of our events shown in the work shop section where you will be with other like minded photographers. The workshops however have fixed itineraries, as they will be 10 of you, its too hard to see what every one wants to do each day. So we stick to a programme to get the best out of the time we have. When your on one of the photography tours, its you tour. You can do what you want. As we stay in the same place most of the time, as it is right in the middle of all the best locations, we can be very flexible with our plans. We can change the itinerary very day, depending on weather and what you like. Once you have been here a few days, you will have a much better idea of what is out there to photograph. One guest we found out, after he arrived had a love for train stations. We did some research whilst he was here and found some old stations that still use equipment from the 1930’s and were given a grand tour. That was not in the plan, but as it was a small group of friends, they all agreed they wanted to do this.

The other reason why I keep the groups small, is we are still ‘undercover’ when out in the villages and hills. We get to meet locals and laugh and joke with them and get great pictures. The shots one of our guest took that won him 7th place out of 2,600 people and an honourable mention in the National Geographic photography awards, would not have been possible if we were ten people. It would have been a zoo, not a laid back afternoon hanging out with a few foreigners who they where happy to invite into their homes to show them how to make the blessed bread.

My tours are 100% focused on showing you, and getting you into the right position,  to take great reportage stories, but they are also an experience of a different way of life. I take you right in there where you will see life like never before. Its not just a photography tour – it is a life time experience.

I look forward to showing you my world 🙂

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Reportage Photography tours in Romania and Egypt

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