Duncan Ridgley

I have lived in Maramures, which is in northern Transylvani, Romania; on and off since 2007. I was a professional photographer in London for 15 years. I started out as a Paparazzi and then worked for the Sun newspaper covering hard news. I left in 1989 and work as a freelance for Women and Business mags for several years before jumping into the internet boom and… cut a long story short, I now live in Maramures running reportage photography tours and running The Village Hotel.

I know Maramures. I know the culture, their ways and the best places to go to capture this. I also know how to get stories published in magazines. The technology has changed, but humans have not, and the same principles till apply today as they did when I made a living from selling pictures to magazines in London.

I also like to have fun. I left the rat race ” to get a life” and love what I do.

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Reportage Photography tours in Romania and Egypt

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