Photography Tours in Maramures & Transylvania – Romania

Each photography tour is different, we never quite know what will happen or who we will meet, or what great picture stories we will get. Depending on weather, time of year and the unexpected, depends on where we go. Due to the fact my tours are not ‘group’ tours, we can taylor your tour to what you want, before you arrive and as we go through the week when your here. We stay at the Village Hotel most days, so can be very flexible on what we do, as we do not have to be at the next hotel by 5.00pm for dinner.

I covered new stories for years, and shot features for magazines. I know how to look for stories, where they might be, where the energy will be and old lady that has a great story to tell. I have lived here since 2007 and I know my way around. If you interested in landscapes, yes we have many, but I am sure Tuscany is mores suited to you. If your interested in getting great pictures of an old way of live where you get get right in there, and get some great shots and a great story, then Maramures and Transylvania is one of the best places on earth to do that.

Each tour, I personally lead and stay with you the whole time. On every tour we are also accompanied by a local Romanian, who knows exactly what we are looking for, and knows how to get us into the homes of shy country folk who have never met a ‘foreigner’.  They break the ice and joke with the locals, making them feel relaxed and happy for us to come into their homes and be shown how they: make the cheese, the bread, the local moon shine, or the 300 year old bed where 10 generations were born in.

The costs for each tour is shown on each itinerary. Click on the images below to see each tour. The costs are similar to most photography group tours you will see advertised by large photography tour companies. If you have never been on a small group tour and only tried the large fixed agenda tours, you will see a very big difference in the pictures you get. I don’t have these companies over heads, so can charge similar prices for much smaller groups. If your worried I am not as “professional” as the big companies, the “proof is in the pudding” as they say. All pictures on this site were taken by me Duncan Ridgley and you will get the same shots or better, as I get out of the way when “the shot” is happening. I have years of experience of ‘spotting the moment’ and getting myself into places no one else could. Also see my reviews from previous tours and you will see that you will get a first class tour of a forgotten world by a team that know the area and people, from a photographic point of you, better than any one else.


Click on the images below for the full details of each tour, costs and what to expect.

Traditional Maramures & Gypsy Photography Tour

Traditional Maramures & Gypsy Tour

Traditional Maramures Photography Tour

Traditional Maramures Tour

Dancing with the Gypsies Photography Tour

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