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Maramures is a county in Transylvania, Romania. Population of around 250,000 people, or 8 people per square kilometer. The indigenous people are Dacian and look slightly different from the rest of Romania. The Romans never really managed to concur ‘Dacia’ and so the people are fairer skins with blonder hair. The area is hilly, not good for industrialisation and was of no interest to the communist regime that change large part of the rest of Romania. The hills, and the culture were left well alone. This is why the old culture is still here. People are self sufficient, they have their land inherited from their grandparents, and they still farm it in the same way.

They cut the hay by hand, the plough the fields with a horse and cart, they preserve their harvest they way they did 1,000 years ago. Now they add sugar and an aspirin. The land was covered in wooden houses and wooden churches, some are gone, people go abroad and come back and build villas fit for spain, where they where working. But the majority are still wooden houses, built the same way they where 100’s of years ago. The old people and even they young ones wear traditional cloths on a sunday to church. The is not really any tourism here, so your still very much a curiosity.


This is the back ground for where we find our pictures. Beautiful landscapes, great charters working the land in the old ways and a way of life that is very very different.

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