Traditional Easter in Maramures

8 day Reportage Photography Tour – Traditional Easter in Maramures.

This tour captures Maramures at its most traditional time of year – Easter. Every day you are here there is something happening that has taken place every Easter for hundreds of years in the same way.

[tab title=”Itenrary”]

Day one – Wednesday

  • Pick up from Cluj Napoca Airport. We visit a Gypsy Village where we photograph the black smith at work and visit a Monastery preparing for easter up in the hills on our way to Maramures. A late lunch in a restaurant in Targu Lapus and then up over the mountain and down into the valleys of Maramures to the Village Hotel, where you will be staying.
  • Dinner at the hotel and a discussion about the itinerary for the Easter week. We tailor the tour to any changes that may take place due to events changing, this is unlikely as they are normally on the same day every year.

Day two – Thursday

  • Early breakfast at the hotel and off to market we go. It’s the last market day before Easter and so every one is there, buying a lamp and, like the panic buying before Christmas, lots of activity and every one dressed up.
  • Lunch at the Village Hotel.
  • Depending on the weather we may then go and see people washing their rugs in a local ‘whirlpool’ where they wash the woolen rugs in the river, or if its raining maybe the local hat maker and get some great shots of her making the local Maramures ‘clop’ hat.

Day three – Friday

  • Early breakfast at the hotel and off we go to see locals getting ready for the big day. Homes will be busy making cakes, killing and cooking the lamps and it will all be happening in every home we go to.
  • Lunch at the Village Hotel.
  • Depending on the weather we may then go and an indoor event in the afternoon or something happening out side.

Day four- Saturday

  • Easy morning and a bit fo free time as we will be out late. A walk around the village or a catch up one what you have already shot.
  • Lunch at the Village Hotel.
  • In the afternoon we we go out and do some more walking in villages seeing people getting ready for the feast on Sunday.
  • We go a church (I don’t want to put all the locations on here as I want to keep them as private as I can.) For midnight mass and the candle lit graveyards.

Day five – Sunday

  • Early breakfast at the hotel and off to Church we go. We do both churches in Breb, the old and new, as each has different aspects and picture opportunities. The bread is blessed and off to lunch we go to capture the feast and all those cakes!
  • Lunch at the Village Hotel.
  • Easy afternoon, and then down the bar to get all the villages who are dressed up and what to go out and show off their sunday best.

Day six – Monday

  • We go off to church again in the morning. Everyone is in traditional cloths on this day and is the best for people shots.
  • We then head to another village for a tradition that involves dunking the first man who plowed his field in the river.
  • Lunch in Sighetu.
  • In the afternoon there is the festival in Sightu in the traditional museum there.

Day Seven – Tuesday

  • Easy morning and a walk around the village.
  • Lunch at the Village Hotel.
  • There is a music festival that starts at 2.00pm, we stay for a few hours and then walk along the road to the local bar for any candid shots we see on the way.

Day Eight – Wednesday

We drive to Cluj taking pictures along the way. Dinner out, hotel and depending on your flight the next day, we can explore the streets of Cluj before getting you to the Airport on day nine, but the tour finished on this day.

[tab title=”Costs”] Maximum is 10 people on this tour. As most of the places we are going to are public events the fact that we are 10 people will not be a problem as there is so much going on, they won’t really notice us.

Per Person €1, 300 euro pp.

[tab title=”What to expect”]It is hard to set exceptions for this tour. The last thing I want to say is it will ‘amazing’ and have your expectations so high when you arrive, no matter what great pictures you take, you could be disappointed as nirvana was never reached. The groups that visited us in 2014, where very happy with what they saw, the pictures they got and the experience they had. Have a look at the Review section to see what others have said.

Expect to take your photography seriously, I will push the boundaries to get you that shot, and be as professional as I can, giving advice on technique or your style if required, or just focusing on getting you into the right position for the old lady who goes around the church with her candle. I also like to have fun, so when we are having lunch when the light is no good, we are on holiday, and relax and enjoy ourselves. After all, you are here to take great pics, but also to have a great time. [/tab]

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