Traditional Maramures Tour

10 day Reportage Photography Tour – focusing on Traditional Maramures.

This tour focuses on the traditional life in Maramures, photographing the Dacian people who are know for their hospitality and friendliness, as well as the beautiful surrounding country side and landscapes. All the best places to photograph are within easy reach of the Village Hotel where you will be staying. Because we are not moving on every day, we can be very flexible with our plans and where we go.

[tab title=”Itinerary”]

Day one

Pick up from Cluj Napoca Airport. We visit a Gypsy Village where we photograph the black smith at work and visit a Monastery up in the hills on our way to Maramures. A late lunch in a restaurant in Targu Lapus and then up over the mountain and down into the traditional valleys of Maramures to the Village Hotel, where you will be staying.

Dinner at the hotel and a discussion about what you want to achieve whilst in Maramures. We tailor the tour to your interests/weather and whats going on at the time.

Day two – six

For the next 6 days we can do what we want and not stick to any plan. We spend the days out looking for our ‘moments of opportunity’ and take each day as it comes. I have lots of places I know, the best times to be where, and on what days. Depending on what your interested in and whats happening, we will be out there seeking the best shots, like the ones you see in the portfolio. All pics in there are taken on this tour, in the same way we will be approaching our subjects.

Day seven

We travel to Mocanita to ride on the last remaining, small gage logging steam train in europe. You get to ride in the cab with the engine driver where you will get some great shots, don’t forget your wide angle for this trip.

Day Eight

We spend the entire day touring the southern part of Maramures and visit a gypsy village and old train station. Dinner out in Baia Mare and back to the Village Hotel.

Day Nine

We drive to Cluj taking pictures along the way. Dinner out, hotel and depending on your flight the next day, we can explore the streets of Cluj before getting you to the Airport.


[tab title=”Costs”]I do not run large groups on this tour. Maximum is 5 people. This is to keep the “zoo” factor down and lets us integrate more with the people, getting into their homes and experiencing their way of life.


The costs below cover an all inclusive photography tour for 10 days with myself and a Romanian translator/fixer, plus the local gypsy guide, three meals a day,  transport and hotels. Everything is included except any bar bills we pick up along the way.

One person €2, 300 euro.  The cost from my end are nearly the same as if we had 5 people on the tour, hence the higher cost for one person traveling on their own.

Two People €1, 700 euro pp.

Three People €1, 600 euro pp.

Four People €1, 400 euro pp.

Five People €1, 250 euro pp.

[tab title=”What to expect”]It is hard to set exceptions for this tour. The last thing I want to say is it will ‘amazing’ and have your expectations so high when you arrive, no matter what great pictures you take, you could be disappointed as nirvana was never reached. The groups that visited us in 2014, where very happy with what they saw, the pictures they got and the experience they had. Have a look at the Review section to see what others have said.

Because we are not like a normal photography tour, with 10 people who do not know each other, we can be very flexible on what we do. This is a huge advantage to you in terms of taking pictures, you will get the time you need and ability to ‘hang out’ with locals and get them relaxed to joke and smile and forget you have a camera.

We can tailor each day was we wish. I have collection of places I know and we can visit them all, or take our time and revisit the one you liked most, when the light is better in the morning.

Expect to take your photography seriously, I will push the boundaries to get you that shot, and be as professional as I can, giving advise on technique or your style if required, or just focusing on getting you into the right position for the shot. I also like to have fun, so when we are having lunch when the light is no good, we are on holiday, and relax and enjoy ourselves. After all, you are here to take great pics, but also to have a great time. [/tab]
To make an enquiry for the Traditional Maramures Photography Tour, use the Photography Tour Enquiry form. Once you have all your questions answered and dates set, use the booking page to make payment.

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