Photography Work Shops

I run three kinds of photography work shops. If your a photography club, or a large group of friends, you can come to Maramures and work to a  fixed agenda for a long weekend or a whole 10 days on one of the group work shops. Taking pictures and learning Lightroom technique for editing your shots down to 20 great pictures that tell a story. If your a single traveller and want to join a large group on a set date, have a look at our Events section. I also do work shops for students of photojournalism. Where we hook each student up with a family that they can work with for the week to get their story and learn how to edit it down ready for selling to a magazine.

Click on the images below to see the details of the different work shops we offer here in Maramures.


Group Work Shops in Maramures


Events in Maramures


Student Work Shops in Maramures


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