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Group Work Shop  in Maramures Romania

Are you a photography club? A large group of photography friends? You don’t have to be ‘photographers’ just a group of people who want to come and learn how to take reportage photography and to tell a story with pictures and get them published.

Minimum group size is 7 people. Maximum is 20, as this is how many people can stay at the Village Hotel where we run the work shops.

As your a group, booking as a group and not as individuals, we can be flexible on the agenda for the 10 days you will be staying with us. We can agree the plan before you arrive and depending on weather and how you progress, will depend on how we move through the agenda for the week. the standard Group Workshop agenda is below.


  • Day one -Pick up from Cluj Airport in  a micro bus, start driving towards maramures. We visit a Gypsy village and monastery along the way, stopping for a late lunch in a nice restaurant in Targa Lapus, stoping one the way to take pictures as we see them, arriving at the Village Hotel in the evening. Dinner with a local family.
  • Day two – Local walk around the village photographing villagers going about their day, cutting the hay, ploughing the fields etc. Lunch out in the fields with a local family working the land. We head back to the hotel early afternoon where you can relax, edit pics or carry on walking around the village on your own. Dinner with locals, so take your camera, you never know who we will meet or what animal will walk into the kitchen.
  • Day three – We meet all together and, now you have an idea of what picture opportunities there are, we discuss what you individually want to achieve from the week. An nice set of pics to put on your wall? A story with pictures to try and sell to a magazine? Make a book? There is enough content here in Maramures you can photograph to produce a book. Depending on what you all want to do, we look at the fixed programme and how it suits you best to be involved or do your own thing on each day. I use Picasa for editing 1,000 pics down to a set of 50, then import into Lightroom, backing up orginals and a set for editing. We go through how you will do your editing and run through what you have already taken since you arrived and edit down to 10 pictures. Lunch at the hotel and in the afternoon we look at every ones best 10 shots and discuss technique and timing. Depending on the time of year, dinner in the village and sunset walk to capture the sun setting over the village and church.
  • Day four to seven – Depending on the time of year, weather and what we discussed on the first day, we will leave the village around 10.00am, one day very early to catch a good sunrise 40 mins away. We move around in the micro bus to set locations that will have good picture opportunities, markets, church services, the hat maker, shoe maker, where they make double distil the horinca etc etc. Lunch out or back at the hotel and arriving back early afternoon to edit and go through our pictures, 10 of your best from the day. Dinner in Breb.
  • Day eight – This is where you do your final edit. You chose, 10, 20, 50 pics from the whole week and we edit in Picasa/Lightroom, constantly taking out pictures that do not tell the story, or have the wow factor to go on your wall. I help you with choosing the right pictures for you until you have your final set. Lunch locally and in the evening each person presents their set to every one else on a projector. Dinner locally.
  • Day nine – We leave Breb in the morning and take the micro bus back to the airport, stopping on the way for some pictures and lunch. We arrive in Cluj early evening and book into our hotel for then night. Dinner out locally in Cluj.
  • Day 10 – We take you to the airport after an early breakfast and see you on your way 🙂

The cost for the 10 day work shop is 1,000 per person. Minimum 7 people. Any extra places booked over 7 people are charged at 900 to 10 people and after 1o is 800 euro per person. So if there is 15 people in your group, the cost is 913 per person.

To make an enquiry for the Group Work Shop in Maramures, use the Workshop enquiry form here. Once you have all your questions answered and dates set, use the booking page to make payment.

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